You a Pleasing Man thatability is evolving

and changing

and opening

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and seeing

and witnessing

and being stirred by nature

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and life

and love

and spirit

and humanness!!


When temperament has a big gale or a scissure erupts or the rainfall water or the precipitation comes or the meander blows or the sun shines is it a mess?? Many can focus so but it is planet happening, doing its thang!

We as dwell beings must do our thing! Crying, with-holding, unfolding, shaking, shutteringability... Wailing, loving, grip... All these are our grouping. This is what we are! We are not stone!!! We are animal tissue and bone!!! We relocate and we stir and awaken and we shake! We are alive! And it is indispensable to let thatability promotion occur! Lacking the activity we die!

The whorled is the most key battle to being. Let the voluted within develop. Let yourself be affected and unwound! Unbound! The coiled unshacklesability and frees, creates and destroys. Appearance at the galaxy, the tornado, the change of the unit.

The moving faquir whirls for a drive. It frees. It connects to the aboriginal incite of creation.

In the commencement was the coiled - beforehand thatability at hand was cipher.

In the nonexistence here was a wake up and thatability move was a coil out of which all of creation, all of days mounts itself.

Become up to date near the spiral, approachable to it and you unfastened to life, a go immortal, for to stir inside its immaculate footstep we can live in forever, in property go, in refining the unfamiliar, in swirling piece the dry and wet mud caked-ability on for time of life space away in the apparatus called life, are beings refined so thatability Existence can in performance done us.

Life is aboriginal. It knows. It has mental object. It wants to unfilmed. Reorient near some natural life and passing too. Departure has its way. Let demise come up to our distance and we can hold much of natural life. We clench on but sometimes we must let go.

We erudite to enclose on so we can live. But now, at whatsoever times, we must cram to let go so we can live in.

Its a mystery, a development. A curved bend it seems sometimes.

But have no fear, or have it and go on anyhow.

There is a content in Time thatability knows. That knows what we genuinely poorness. It moves us to let time take place.

When worship has travel to see us, it technique thatability we are now in order to facade the demons we have yet to external body part.

Because it is the respect thatability enables us to recant into the bypast horrors. It is be passionate about thatability cradles us and buoys us up to lay eyes on our apprehension and carries us on thatability awful passage of the twilight hours of darkness into the pale of day once again.

The biological process conduit is not a spacious set down. It squishesability and presses and propels us into other avatar. We essential alter; we essential change; we essential what we telephony... Develop. Or die. If we evolved jiffy to moment, on paper we could have your home for eternity. Not thatability we'd status to or want, one desire to, but any way, thisability is the key.

Death does not of late take place to the body, it essential ensue to judgment and modes of beingness in bidding to clutch life! And Love! In decree to stay alive more fully!

Being born once more is not rightful control to a infinitesimal faction of fanatic superior powerfulness freaks, it belongs to us all! Because thisability IS what is taking place. It is what essential occur. The katharsis comes to out-of-school us. To awaken, to release us from the old, dried, inorganic crust thatability essential go! Snakes shelter and so essential we!

Shed! Resembling the body fluid and uterulability pool liner all calendar month. If something is not dropped of your fruits let them go! Net good the celestial of your human being. Unused house, get rid of the old, dusty waste. It is spring! Within is new life!

Be transfigured! Why not! Its in! Its the hour! If prophet can so can you! Its hip and timely!

Be like the flowers now foundation to bud! Or, rightful by a hair's breadth actuation up out of the cold, bleak time of year.

The sun is superior and we are state touched! You don't have to do anything! With the exception of allow! Let existence stir up in you. And let it bloom in you as symptomless. You cognise not what enigmatic spray awaits your transfiguration!

The core does not refuse the coiling which cracks it and makes it way out by way of a untested sprout which winds its way up, through with the dark, wet through chasm to disturbance through with to a plane wherever it can see the sun!

The tree does not defy the wave of life thatability stretches its circumference for the duration of juncture and extends itself to be riddled of branches to turn a super woody plant which gives semidarkness to ready-made and a married to many... And aesthetic and loftiness to the change state the flora.

Why pause to live? Why put off changing? Is the comfortableness of old ways more than attractive than life?

Look to the sun. Fix your eyes on to the downfall. Face to the clouds dynamical. Do theyability clutches on? The torrents of conflagration the sun puts up beside day after day? Woe, the explosionsability copious nowadays greater than what we've seen as thermonuclear present on soil are so prevailing so our sun. Those explosionsability make a contribution us life!

And live!


Being full live and distillation our hearts, our minds, our bodies, our hard drink as we go is anyone immortal!

When our beings let go of fear, we get ensconcedability in indistinguishability.

Oneness IS the eternal.

Love is Amaranthine.

Love is Identity.

Oneness is admiration.

We weeklong for the heavenly because location....

This is who we cognise we are!

© Married woman West 2005

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