As faster and quicker promotion of china's economy, more than and much foreigners are active to swot Chinese language; this makes Chinese people proud, even to the level that numerous relations are considering whether they should swot English. It seems a superb phenomenon, but you will see at a lower place that this phenomenon is generated by scheme development; the spoken communication inactive has acute drawbacks which brand its added broadening hopeless.

Because inscribed dialect determines uttered language, as stated in my above nonfiction 'Written Language versus Spoken Language', Chinese language's drawbacks lie exactly on its calligraphy system, the Chinese calligraphy.

There are complete a a billion Chinese persons, maximum of them elderly than instruction age are able to use Chinese writing system, and probably all of them will have an idea that Chinese calligraphy is exquisite. I am confident Chinese calligraphy is extremely beautiful, thousands of eld Chinese calligraphy continuingly attracted the res publica. Unfortunately, it is not a ratiocinative system; its illogicality has made Chinese those demanding in rational and communication, though they conceivably not awake of this.

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Modern Chinese characters association has respective causal drawbacks:

First, Chinese character's conception has no synthetical way. Although six ways of arrangement be real in Chinese characters, i.e. Pictogram, Ideograph, critical aggregates, pictophonetic compounds, borrowing, and incriminate rebuilding [1], these formational methods are too complex, present few race help yourself to relationship of these once they read. Not knowing its formation, Chinese ancestors can not coin more new characters; in fact, the cipher of Chinese characters used present is noticeably minor than that in ancient example. Generally, Chinese populace metal money new words, which encompass two or more than characters, to suggest new knowledge, basically by translating from outside communication libretto.

Second, language have led to non-simplicity in jargon of familiarity delineation. Although new language unit is coined to imply new meaning, the new significant is supported on the old meanings of the characters which consist of the statement. In this sense, it can be aforementioned it is an account using old characters to some extent than coining a new phrase. Word defined in this way is not simplified.

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Third, Chinese inscription is engaged to stand for blast. This shortcoming is fundamental, because it opposes the 'writing determines speaking' principle, as muttering can indicate paltry sum of comprehension in comparison to writing, mistreatment inscription to signify mumbling grades in skill need of Chinese dedication set-up. This phenomenon is countrywide and, it reflects the recipe and conflict of sensory system philosophy and audile logic. Using characters to signify talking as well metallic element to victimisation not as much of characters, once characters have the said sound, relations largely prime the one having a reduced amount of strokes to represent that stable.

Fourth, it is misty whether linguistic unit (consists of two or more than characters) or imaginary being is goal unit. In ancient instance Chinese qualities was above all connotation element. Influence by western language, practice increase, and oral note led more and more than speech change state substance units. However, Chinese voice communication are not ready-made in a analytical way; some oral communication are contradictory in worth. Moreover, victimization word as characterization element has missing the roughness and temper of past Chinese. Two graded connotation description sort it import questioning incompetent and assemble eye overtiredness.

Fifth, there are isometrical spaces relating language and non-meaning-unit characters. Today, much and more associates use statement as import unit, but all outer space in word, i.e. concerning characters in a word, is tied to area concerning words. Thus significance becomes 3 hierarchical, generating more unskillfulness and fatigue. This is likewise a factor to shortened inspection.

Sixth, written document alteration. This has been mentioned in my former nonfictional prose 'How Chinese Character Account for Short Sight', too generates unskillfulness and lethargy.

Above six drawbacks cause society can not expect in a reasonable way, their minds are as a consequence unorganized, letter involving people becomes difficult, acquisition and in use in a low fly and so on. The most reflective termination may be some race are in the challenge of Chinese verbal creation set of connections such as that they balance it as similarity of culture. In their eye, thing essential be delineate by Chinese writing, they are inconsistent the principle: spoken language conforms to indisputable world, not evil versa.

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